03 agosto 2018


AGUJERO NEGRO - TRAILER from Simon Brauer on Vimeo.

Víctor, a 30-year-old writer, enters a crisis when his long-time companion Marcela reveals to him that she is pregnant. Together with Marcela, Víctor is forced to move to an upscale gated neighborhood in the suburbs where he develops a crush on Valentina, the bright, rebellious 15-year-old teenager who lives next door. Víctor spirals into a second adolescence putting his relationship and fatherhood at risk.
Genre: Black Comedy
Length: 90 mins. Black and White
Year: 2018
Language: Spanish
Produced by Ilaló Cine - Viewfinder
Countries: Ecuador | Dominican Republic
Distribution: M-appeal
With the support of
Banco BHD
Ecuadorian National Council of Cinematography Post Production Fund
Director: Diego Araujo
Producers: Hanne-Lovise Skartveit, Wendy Muñiz, Guillermo Zouain
Director of Photography: Simon Brauer 
Edited by: Soledad Salfate
BAFICI 2018 - Competencia Latinoamericana
Festival Latinoamericano de Cine de Quito 2018
Afraid to face upcoming parenthood and the ultimate deadline for his long-awaited novel, a once-promising writer develops a crush on a defiant muse, the 16-year-old girl next door, and escapes into a second adolescence, alienating his partner and those who care about him before finally coming to terms with adulthood.
Directed by Diego Araujo.