10 marzo 2020


  • LEI and WONG clandestinely arrive to Ecuador, on their way to the port city of Guayaquil. From here LEI plans to continue her journey to New York, but CHANG, a bipolar mobster will decide her fate. WONG unwillingly gets entangled in the web of corruption that operates the encroachment of Chinese immigrants. His only objective is to bring his twelve-year-old son from China. CHANG falls in love with LEI, whereas she becomes conscious that her "china dream" of reaching New York is in jeopardy. VICTOR, a local young man becomes a possible escape. Mr LU, an older calligrapher, helps the young immigrants. LEI's rejection of CHANG uncovers his ruthless personality. When a smuggling scheme sets LEI and WONG at a crossroads, they can only rely on each other to chase their freedom. "MONTEVIDEO" recounts the anguish of the immigrant, where deep emotions are subject to masculine power relations and where individuals struggle to save their dignity.